COVID-19 Response: Cutting Prices

We Care About The Podcast Community

As a company, we understand this is a very tough time for the entire world freelancers and creators. We believe that podcasting is a new wave of freedom of expression sharing knowledge and connecting with others. We have seen a downfall in the Podcasts community and we want to do our part to contribute to keeping the podcast community rising. This is how we aim to be as helpful as we possibly can be.

Discounts Until July 1st 2020

It is very important to us to support creators, espeically those affected by COVID-19 lay off or loss of client work. During this hard time we are offering

  • Offering free 40min consultation calls
  • Offering 50% off our packages
  • Lowering our transcription services from $1.25/min to $0.75 per minute

Please reach out to if we can be of any help, and take care of each other.

Remember to be kind to yourself and others ❤️.

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